Anna Mason, RDN
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Get a professional and fresh take on your web and print content. Establish a brand voice and tone continuity. I learn your story and infuse it into every piece. In proofreading, ghostwriting, or copywriting - our content will be more “you” than it has ever been before. I specialize in blogs, Instagram, web copy, and content marketing.



  • Phone/Video/Email Consultation

  • Rough Draft

  • Final Draft

  • Hyperlinks or Citations

  • Images as Desired


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media & Social media



Let’s make social media work for you. For a refresh, reset, or marketing plan from the ground up, I’ve got you covered. Draw your audience to your company with content that they actually want to see. Become a hub for thought leadership or be the go-to for your niche. You can think of me as your personal publicist.



  • Instagram Posts

  • Social Media Takeovers

  • Interviews

  • Youtube Videos

  • News Articles

  • Live Q&A

  • Media Appearances


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brand representation



For brands in search of a lively personality. I’m thrilled to provide reviews of products, tradeshow representation, or spokesperson work. I only partner with organizations consistent with my research and values. If you’re in, I’m all in with you. Have another idea that doesn't quite fit in the box? Get in touch above, and pitch it!


service options

  • Brand Collaboration

  • Sponsored Posts

  • Sponsored Videos

  • Product & Service Reviews


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wellness speaking


Topic examples

  • The Bride Bod: Healthy for I Do
  • Balance in the Busy: Healthy Eating in Less Time
  • All Hail Kale: Should We Play or Pass on Superfoods?
  • Fact or Fad: The Science Behind Popular Diets
  • Career Opportunities In Nutrition
  • Transitioning from Dietitian Student to Working Professional
  • How to Network for Opportunities
  • Working in WIC


  • Promotional flyers and messaging for event content
  • Requested length of presentation
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Copy of PowerPoint Slides
  • Possible Related Handouts