Nutrition Consulting Services

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At my core, I'm a words girl. There is something so addicting about shaping the abstract of an idea into a tapestry of words to inspire or provoke thought in the heart and minds of an audience. As a writer, my expertise ranges from low-literacy handout creation to technical research writing, with my sweet spot somewhere in the middle. 

Love Dietitian on a Diet and my other musings? I'd be happy to guest-write for your blog with my ideas or yours. By default, I bring my down-to-earth, home-girl writing style. By request, I can match the tone and voice of your platform too!



Maybe I'm born with it, maybe it's practice. As a singer and actress turned nutrition professional, it is my great joy to combine my love for communication with my passion for nutrition. With unquenchable joy and a tendency towards subtle humor and honest relatability, I bring a fresh and entertaining burst of personality to your event. I Have a topic and need a speaker? Shoot a note my way, and we'll see if I'm a good fit. Need an idea? I have those too. 


I'm your go-to-RDN for all things nutrition, health, wellness, diets, and inspiration. Shoot me a note if you need a quote, bit, segment, interview, etc.

I am happy to work with brands I personally believe in or publications supporting the cause of wellness and health.