hey ya'll.


So good to meet you. I'M ANNA.

I'm a 25 year old lover of straight blonde coffee, giant puppy dogs, twinkly outdoor lights, piano ballads, belly laughs, wine bars, and life talks. I champion authenticity and search for wonder. I believe that millennials can add value to the world, sit at the same tables as the generations before us, and step up to solve problems in the workplace and in our culture.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, a knack for networking (I can talk to a wall and make it feel valued), and a first-hand understanding that life can be both messy and wonderful, I’m a hands-on liaison between your vision and your audience.

Tell me your story. I’ll tell it to your market.

Ooh! I'm also fun, I promise.

My communication style

I naturally write and speak conversationally: a lot of heart, a little humor, and information in a way your audience understands.

By request, I'll modify to technical for your science-savvy audience.

I am also well-versed in writing and speaking for low-literacy populations. I will happily adjust my formatting to fit those needs.

Whatever the audience, I aim to leave them informed, engaged, and motivated for the next step.


my wellness & Nutrition philosophy

This ever-advancing science actually changes lives. I've seen it. I've lived it. I want to share it.

I'm not one to shame. I'm a sucker for a great piece of pizza or a sour gummy worm. We're all people here. We don't need perfection. We need progress. It's not nutrition for the sake of nutrition. It's about eating to fuel a life that stirs up joy, no strings attached.

  1. All foods fit - it's just about when, where, and how much.

  2. Small changes are sustainable changes.

  3. Balance first. Function second. Appearance third.

  4. Trends are optional.

  5. Supplements are supplemental.

  6. I'm still mad that cheese isn't a vegetable.




impressive facts

  • Summa Cum Laude, 4.0 graduate of the University of Kentucky

  • Self-taught in content marketing, branding, SEO, and more

  • Full-ride National Merit scholarship recipient

  • Registered Dietitian since 2016

  • 35 on the ACT

  • Variety of experience working with brands, freelancers, and publications

  • Hired right out of college as the sole RD of a four million dollar CMS grant for Ventura County



Useless facts

  • Former whitewater rafting guide

  • Really bad at surfing

  • Tendency to remark that things are "magical"

  • Grew up eating foods like cheese soup, white bread with cream sauce, homemade pizza, and corn casserole

  • Loyal to solid-colored clothing

  • Uncanny ability to sing babies to sleep