Anna Mason, RDN
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Content, Marketing, & Wellness

by anna Mason, RDn



"If you need some life and personality injected into anything, Anna can do it."

-Tommy Carreras, Groups Director at Mission Church


Content & Marketing

It's time for a fresh take.

In the world of digital marketing and online presence, branding and content have never been more relevant.

Anna brings a wide variety of experience and a whole lotta excitement to the process. She’s a branding, content, and marketing consultant at your fingertips.

It’s your vision in action.

Your story is in place. Your goals are established. Anna brings content and marketing to bring it all to life. With the creation of content that benefits your audience and marketing that appeals to your people, your vision and brand begin to thrive.

Personalized plans, pitches, and rates allow you to get exactly what you need to move forward.

Tell your story. Position your brand. Let’s do it.



After countless hours spent reading expert articles and lay-person blogs on wellness, lifestyle, and nutrition, Anna noticed a strange thing in the world of wellness communication.

Most great wellness articles are not written by wellness experts.

Anna is here to change that. To increase the credibility of your brand without losing audience appeal.

Expert nutrition and wellness advice, right from the mouth of the expert. No go-between, no-expert queries, no misconceptions. Just authentic, saavy, and relatable wellness writing.

Inspired by the likes of Well + Good, Brit + Co, Shape, and Refinery 29, Anna writes to communicate rather than just inform. Her signature style weaves expert research into a snappy letter to your audience.

She speaks to the heart, agrees with the brain, and appeals to the life-lover.

Not just a journalist. Not just a dietitian. A been-there, done-that, favorite new expert ready to connect you and your audience.



Blogs, news articles, press releases, Q&A columns, trend evaluations, product reviews, social media posts, and more.


media & Social media appearances

News segments, Instagram takeovers, Snapchat takeovers, Facebook Live, radio segments, live or recorded interviews.


speaking & video

Conference and retreat speaking, YouTube appearances, video call-ins, lunch & learns, breakout sessions, guest lectures.


Brand representatioN

Looking for one big mix of these services (or even something totally different) with Anna as a rep for your brand? Yep, that can work too.

Anna has the most enthusiastic, charming and fun personality. But do not mistake that personality with frivolity because she is incredibly bright, produces consistently high quality work, never fails to meet her deadlines and is effortlessly enjoyable to work with.
— Aaron Schwartz, ms, rd, ld